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October 17, 2017

6 Things You Should Know about the Intrauterine Copper Contraceptive
(BPT) - Are you interested in a long-acting form of birth control that doesn’t have any hormones? You’re not alone! Meet PARAGARD® (intrauterine copper contraceptive), a non-hormonal, copper-releasing device that is placed in a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years.Teva Women’s Hea... More >>

The Myths and Facts About Depression: Be in the Know About One of the Most Common Mental Health Conditions
(BPT) - There are some myths about major depressive disorder (MDD, depression) that may make it difficult for people experiencing symptoms to reach out for help. It's time to learn the facts. MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT DEPRESSION: MYTH: Depression only affects mood.FACT: Many people think of depression ... More >>

Embarking on a New Adventure: One Woman's Courageous Battle with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... More >>

Cancer and Your Bones: What You Need to Know
(BPT) - This article is sponsored advertising content from Amgen, Inc. Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating. Patients instantly have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to treatment plans and often don't think about how the cancer could impact their bones. However, it is important to kno... More >>

How One Mom Made Sure Her Preemie's Little Lungs Were Protected During Cold and Flu Season
(BPT) - As the sights and smells of fall begin to emerge, October is a time to be enjoyed; but the chilling weather also brings reminders that cold and flu season are fast approaching. In an effort to keep children healthy, parents often take precautions to ensure their children avoid contracting g... More >>

Charitable help provides access to life-saving care
(BPT) - Elaine could be described as a woman with great determination and patience. She experienced kidney failure seven years ago and faced the reality of life with a chronic illness. She began receiving dialysis, a four-hour treatment three times a week, and anxiously awaited news of a kidney mat... More >>

Survey Results Show Fewer Than Half of U.S. Women Taking Recommended Vitamins Prior to Pregnancy
(BPT) - Prenatal vitamins are an important part of pregnancy, supporting the health of both moms and babies. While the “dos” and “don’ts” of health and nutrition during pregnancy are familiar, it is also important to focus on these before becoming pregnant. For example, taking the recommended multi... More >>

It's Time to Get a Grip!
(BPT) - We all rely on our hands to a certain extent. So what would you do if you had a medical condition that caused your fingers to bend, making everyday tasks like gripping a doorknob or shaking someone's hand difficult and awkward? That is something all too familiar for four-time PGA TOUR winne... More >>

Why more Americans need to prioritize sleep
(BPT) - As you head to bed, you may be thinking, 'Tomorrow's going to be great.'It's a new day and you probably have too much to do on your list, but that's a good thing. Whether you plan to catch up with a friend over coffee, take another look at that long-standing project at work or head to the g... More >>

Creating a Game Plan to Help Manage Your Type 2 Diabetes
(BPT) - As a former professional football player and host of a national sports talk show, Mike Golic knows a few things about having a game plan both on and off the field. So when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Mike decided to take control of his condition in the best way he knew how-by dev... More >>

Dispelling some common type 2 diabetes myths among Hispanics
(BPT) - Diabetes disproportionately affects the Hispanic community,1 but cultural differences, common misconceptions and language barriers may keep people of Hispanic heritage from taking insulin if they need it.2 Myths about diabetes and insulin treatment could hinder Hispanic-Americans from effec... More >>

Prenatal Health & Nutrition [Infographic]
(BPT) - -SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave... More >>

Lymphoma and Your Subtype: What You Need to Know
(BPT) - Have you been recently been diagnosed with lymphoma? Finding out you have lymphoma means you have a certain form of blood cancer. But what form of blood cancer specifically? Learning your lymphoma subtype plays a key role in the treatment your physician will recommend for you and how the ca... More >>

Test your cholesterol knowledge: Help protect your heart health
(BPT) - More than 100 million U.S. adults have high cholesterol, a major risk factor for developing heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Two out of three don't have the condition under control and more tha... More >>

Intimacy after prostate cancer diagnosis
(BPT) - Sexual activity is a key component of healthy adult relationships, but for many men with prostate cancer, expressing this in the traditional sense is not always possible. Despite improved therapies, many men diagnosed with prostate cancer face erectile dysfunction as a side effect of some o... More >>

3 Tips for Planning Your Next Doctor's Visit
(BPT) - It was nearly ten years ago that Sherry recalls she just didn't feel like herself. 'I loved travelling, swimming, and snorkeling,' she says. 'But I was so tired, I would come home and drop. I felt like a wet mop.' So, when Sherry went to her doctor and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, sh... More >>

5 tips to make sure your teenager with diabetes is ready for college
(BPT) - Parents across the country are preparing their teens for their first year of college. It's an exciting time, but a stressful one as well. If you're a parent with a child with diabetes, it may also be terrifying as this may be the first time your teen will be completely responsible for their... More >>

What to know before you go [Infographic]
(BPT) - -SaveSaveSave... More >>

The different faces of tuberculosis: A silent disease
(BPT) - Picture coming home from traveling the world for six months to find out the cough you couldn't kick was active tuberculosis (TB). Or imagine finding out your senior year of high school that you've been carrying around latent TB for most of your life, which progressed to active TB, infecting... More >>

Understand what you need to do to stay healthy over 65
(BPT) - Today's Boomer generation feels young at heart. They're living an active lifestyle, they have no intention of slowing down, they're booming. Many Boomers feel that because they are healthy and taking care of themselves, they are not at risk for potentially serious infectious diseases, such ... More >>

Living with Psoriasis - The Inside Story
(BPT) - Are you living with psoriasis? Did you know it affects more than 7.5 million people? While your diagnosis can be daunting, you don't need to let this stop you from living your life and doing things you love - spending time with family, traveling and building relationships. Every psoriasis j... More >>

Increasing hope for some patients with a common type of lung cancer
(BPT) - Numbers touch nearly every aspect of our life, from social security number assigned at birth, to the ever-growing list of passwords, addresses, telephone numbers and miles traveled. You never know at what point one previously insignificant number might suddenly become fundamental.Take 14 an... More >>

In metastatic breast cancer, attitude and knowledge are power
(BPT) - A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) can turn a woman's life upside down. The disease, also known as Stage IV breast cancer, occurs when cancer has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body, including the bones, liver, lungs or brain.[i],[ii] MBC is not just one disease -... More >>

Starting the conversation on conversations: Preparing for your next eye doctor visit
(BPT) - Good conversations are critical in any doctor-patient relationship, including the one you have with your eye care professional. Knowing what to ask, and which changes and symptoms to discuss, can help make the most of your time with your eye doctor. What's more, good communication not only ... More >>

When stroke risk hits home: The search for information
(BPT) - Teri Ackerson, a neuroscience nurse, and Paul Dippolito, a retired federal probation officer, have dedicated their lives to helping protect others. Now, to continue to help others, they also have to focus on protecting themselves, because they have a common heart condition called atrial fib... More >>

Survey: Americans feel they could better manage diabetes if costs were lower
(BPT) - For the over 29 million Americans living with diabetes, striking a balance between managing diabetes and controlling the cost of treatment can be challenging.[i] According to a Wakefield Research survey of 500 adults with diabetes, 62 percent of respondents said they felt they could do a be... More >>

STIs: Yes, You Can Get Them at Any Age
(BPT) - Please see IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT VEREGEN® (sinecatechins) Ointment, 15% below.There are approximately 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States every year, and America's youth between the ages of 15 and 24 account for about half... More >>

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approves Botulinum Toxin for Treatment of Lower Limb Spasticity in Adults
(BPT) - Currently the ONLY botulinum toxin approved by the FDA for the treatment of upper and lower limb spasticity in adults and also for the treatment of lower limb spasticity in children ages two and olderSpasticity is a condition in which there is an abnormal increase in muscle tone or stiffnes... More >>

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